In May  2104, Sandy MacGregor and I (Tunnel Rats Cover (final)Jimmy Thomson) took a small group of intrepid travellers on a journey round our version of Vietnam.

It was a combination of places featured in Tunnel Rats and A Sappers War, the two books that we wrote about Australian Army engineers in the Vietnam war, and our experiences of the country in the many trips we have taken there since the books wererp_sappers-war-195x300.jpg first published.

It wasn’t all about the war – nor should it have been. Vietnam today is a vibrant exciting culture with a booming economy and some of the friendliest people you will ever meet. But the American War (as they call it) is as significant in their sense of who they are as a nation as Gallipoli is to us.

So we visited the sites of military history by day and made the most of the thriving hospitality industry at night.  It worked out pretty well. You can join out trip through Vietnam, then and now, HERE.